Because Balance Matters to You...
Because Balance Matters to You...
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New Year’s Day Wolf Full Moon Ceremony - For Wild Women (aka: all women)
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New Year’s Day Wolf Full Moon Ceremony - For Wild Women (aka: all women)

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Hosts: Melanie Osborn and Alli Fischenich of Tribal Alchemy 

Monday, January 1


Thirteen Moons-- 1000 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114


Healing with the Wolves-- The Wolf Moon

Women’s true authentic nature is wild. Much like a wolf. Raw. Open. Fierce. Protective. Loud. Untamed. Part of the process of healing is tapping back into this true nature- and the symbol of the Wolf, the Moon, and Mother Earth provides just this. Let’s join in community and sisterhood to bring in 2018 and burn up the remains of 2017 with this auspicious Moon on New Year’s Day.

Come heal, clear, and ground- and maybe dance, laugh, sing, and/or or howl- supporting one another and our souls.

What The Afternoon Involves

Invocation--Rituals of clearing and setting the tone for an amazing healing afternoon to drink in the symbol of the Wolf through this New Year’s Day moon. Melanie and Alli will talk of the symbol of the Wolf- how it’s served in healing for thousands of years- and share their personal and professional stories of Wolf healing.

Calling in your Wolf-- We will discuss the different types of wolves and how they serve as our spirit guides, and how to allow your wolf/wolves to come forward.

Calling in the Primal Self-- Wolves are incredibly intuitive beings, just like we are. We’ll learn how to quiet the ego mind and tap into the heart space where your guidance and the answers lie.

Cacao Ceremony--  Raw cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy. We will sit in sacred circle, calling in healing and transformation.

Feeding it to the Wolves-- Releasing all that no longer serves us. We hand over any pain or negative residue of 2017.

Birthing New Pups- Allowing New intentions and themes for 2018 to birth through the deepest parts of us.

Sealing of the Pack-- We end the afternoon with renewed intentions and gratitude, taking the energy of the group with us for power and support.

Who Should Attend

You needn't be anyone or anything- or subscribe to any belief system of subculture to participate. If you are interested in connecting with amazing women in a safe, supportive, and real way-- this event is for you.

About Melanie and Alli  

Melanie works as a healing practitioner, bodyworker, and holistic health educator. Known as The Body Listener, she has been speaking and facilitating groups in the areas of empowerment and healing for almost 20 years. She enjoys bridging the mystic and the mainstream so that all can have access to healing. Wolves have been showing up in healing sessions all year- how auspicious that the Wolf Moon rings in right on New Year’s Day.

Alli works as Melanie’s assistant and continues through her own wild, healing journey, helping guide others through their own paths. She is creator of Tribal Alchemy, which represents the magical transformation process back to your true, authentic, wild self. Her knowledge of the Wolf is deeply personal and healing, and she is honored to be able to use this knowledge to serve others.

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