Because Balance Matters to You...
Because Balance Matters to You...
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Facial and Jaw Cupping

Can help with conditions such as:
- TMJ symptoms
- Sinus issues
- Acne
- Headaches/Migraines
- Fluid retention and puffiness in face, neck, and under chin

Natural Facial Rejuvenation can also help:
- Plump the areas of wrinkles
- Increase nutrients, blood and oxygen to all areas
- Lift facial muscles
- Firm tissue in face, neck and under chin
- Remove toxins
- Reestablish healthy glow of skin

Using cupping, lines and wrinkles will plump whereas scar tissue will soften from the negative pressure, making it an exceptionally powerful and surprisingly relaxing enhancement to advanced facial treatments.

The muscles of the face benefit greatly from the reduction of tension and tightness, releasing expression lines and loosening rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorders.

Sinus infections and inflammation are also directly relieved by the loosening and draining effects of the cups - many times resolving issues that many sufferers commonly turned to more radical procedures to correct.

What to expect:
Clients report feeling very relaxed and sedated. None of the procedure is uncomfortable, and no markings will appear, as in back or fire cupping.

Results seen in first 1-2 sessions
$60 per session
6 - 8 sessions recommended for long lasting results
(tune ups suggested once a month or bi-monthly)

Essential oils, bodywork, magnet therapy, and/or craniosacral therapy included in session.