Because Balance Matters to You...
Because Balance Matters to You...
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Melanie Osborn 's passion in life is to explore why the body and mind does what it does: how it heals, how it protects, and how it performs. She has dedicated her life to exploring as many facets of wellness as she can, researching and trying to understand the mystery of the human mind and body. Her specialty is working with imbalance and trauma in the body and mind, helping her clients reduce and reverse their conditions, and lead happier and healthier lives.

Melanie's mission is to guide people in educating and empowering themselves, helping them to reduce and reverse conditions in the body and mind, and taking control of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

She has been teaching and studying about empowerment, success and wellness since 1990 when she began working for the Red Cross teaching CPR/First Aid in companies and HIV education in Iowa schools and started an empowerment program for at-risk girls at The Boys and Girls Club.

She served in the Army National Guard as an admin specialist and medic, studied psychology and sociology at the University of Iowa, trained as an EMT, and then went to massage therapy school in Omaha, NE, where she resides today. She is trained in several healing modalities, is a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor, and a life coach.

Melanie has had a busy private practice since 1998, providing integrative healing services and bodywork. She is a wellness consultant and speaker for several groups and businesses, is the developer of many relaxation and healing CD's and DVD's, and is the author of several articles and publications.

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